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Characteristics of forklift battery products

Published Date:Jan.15.2021    Source:    Author:Shandong Xiao Yang power  Viewed:414

●Batteries use 1 # electrolytic lead (99.994%) with high purity, less impurities and

low self-discharge.

●The positive grids are formed by multi-element corrosion-resistant alloy die casting,

which delays the corrosion of lead bars and ensures the service life of products.

●Enhanced tubular positive plate structure is selected for battery, which has low internal

resistance, high discharge rate and low temperature performance.

●The terminal post is designed with special structure and has large torsion resistance.

●Fully plastic dipping cases with thick coating can withstand 5KV voltage test and

have beautiful appearance.

●The perfect soft connection line produced by Germany FROTEK Company is easy

to disassemble and maintain.

●The automatic recharge system imported from Germany is selected to make the

recharge maintenance of batteries more convenient.

●Standardized Germany REMA plug-in, more reliable connection.